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The Anfield Wrap's Neil Atkinson on why TAW were keen to partner with RedsBet.

Posted by Andy Thompson
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We first met with Redsbet in 2017 and saw immediately the seriousness with which their team took the opportunity they had been given. That was to work with fan related groups, causes and ideas and help them grow.

What’s important here is the collaborative element. Redsbet do offer money but they also offer partnerships. The Anfield Wrap does not see itself as sponsored by Redsbet, instead we see ourselves as in partnership with them. We can work together as we did recently meeting with them and the FSF to talk about football supporters on trains. We can ask their views on our business and we can offer suggestions about theirs.

The financial investment Redsbet have made in our partnership has been significant for our company. It has allowed us to settle on a direction of travel and growth with security. We look to provide Liverpool supporters with the very best coverage not just in comparison with other fan media groups but with the wider media at large and we look to offer opportunity within Liverpool city centre.

We want to be at the forefront of the changing landscape, football supporters creating bespoke football content for Football supporters around the world. Our partnership with Redsbet helps with that in every way.



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