It’s never been as good as this

Liverpool have qualified for the European Cup final for the eighth time. Eight times we have made it through to the final of European football’s most prestigious competition. And five times we have come out the victor.
Joel Sanderson-Murray  |  9th May 2018

Liverpool have qualified for the European Cup final for the eighth time. Eight times we have made it through to the final of European football’s most prestigious competition. And five times we have come out the victor.

As you’ve probably seen going round Twitter – it’s more European Cup final appearances than Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal combined. That’s not to have a dig at those clubs and their respective histories, that’s just to highlight how much of an achievement this is for the football club.

Liverpool to win the Champions League is currently 6/5 with RedsBet

It’s a remarkable achievement. One that we should all be proud of. That is a lot of European Cup final appearances in our 125 year long history. But it’s still not something that you see regularly, it’s still not something you see EVERY season.

It’s still irregular enough for progress in the competition to make a season feel ‘different’, still unique enough to make a season feel ‘special’.

This doesn’t happen to every team, evidently. This doesn’t happen to every team every season. This doesn’t happen to Liverpool every season.

I have been fully engulfed in the run in the Champions League this season, it has taken over my life and I am not even exaggerating in the slightest.

Work and university assignments have come and flown by since the first leg of the City game and I have been as passive as a diluted glass of knock-off cordial in my appearance in these things.

Forget what happened at Stamford Bridge for a moment. There are numerous caveats that led to that defeat on Sunday but it shouldn’t change what we are all fighting for here.

Win against Brighton at home on Sunday and we qualify for the Champions League next season. We know it. The players know it, the lads have been working towards this all season, they’re not going to let that focus slip on Sunday when they know how much it means.

I can understand the headloss from some quarters of the fanbase to the defeat on Sunday to an extent. But not really, not when you have what we have on the horizon, not when you’ve been through what WE’VE been through in the last few weeks.

After the Roma away leg on Wednesday I have not retreated from cloud nine. I’m not coming down any time soon. I have been engulfed in this European run and I am reaping the benefits of being completely engaged with it at this moment.

I want everyone to feel how I’m feeling right now. Because I’m not sure there is a feeling any better than this.

I’m not sure I have ever felt happier. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more complete. Complete in every sense of the word.

I want to explain all this to somebody who doesn’t like football, because it must be mad to them.

How can so many people be so affected by a game of 22 lads or girls kicking a ball round the field.

I don’t know what it is but I love it.

People who are not into football must have their something, that something that makes them feel on top of the world, that they can accomplish anything, that the whole world is bright, sunny and beautiful.

I don’t know what THAT is. But it’s football for me, football does that to me.

Football did that to me last Wednesday night.

Liverpool did that to me last Wednesday night.

Maybe it’s love.

Maybe I’m in love.

Maybe I’m in love with Andy Robertson.

Maybe I’m in love with Bobby Firmino.

Actually, there’s no maybes about that one. Roberto Firmino to score in the second half is currently at 25/4 with RedsBet.

Forget net spends, forget what City are doing, forget Chelsea, forget your gripes about FSG.

Remember the feeling we had last Thursday morning. Bottle it, come back to it.

Liverpool have made us feel like this.

This team have the ability to give us so many more nights like Roma.

This could go wrong in Kiev. Madrid are champions, Madrid are boss.

But we have this, we will always have this, not many teams’ fans get THIS you know.

We will always have this. It’s ours. It’s in the bank.

We’ve had the night of our lives.

May 26 could eclipse that.

May 26 could end in despair.

But we will always have this.

It’s never been as good as this.

Drink it in.

Liverpool to win 3-1 in Kyiv is currently at 20/1 with RedsBet.

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